How to Find and Share Your Unit-Level Virtual Tours

Learn where to find your unit tours in TourBuilder Insights and on the TourBuilder Go App. We will also suggest how to use these tours.

Your TourBuilder Go unit-level tours can be leveraged in many ways and channels. Some of those channels include: 

  • Property website
  • ILS ( & Zillow) 
  • Entrata
  • Engrain

Once your tours have been captured, they will be located in two places: on TourBuilder Insights and within the TourBuilder Go App.

Where to Find the Tours in TourBuilder Insights

When you log in to TourBuilder Inisghts and go to your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour for your community, you will see a “Units” tab at the top. 

Finding TB Go tours in TB Insights

Once you click on the “Units” tab, you will find a list of all the unit tours you have captured.

TourBuilder Go units

Where to Find Your Unit Tours in the TourBuilder Go App

Once your tours are published, they will also be uploaded to the app. On the home screen, you can see in the bottom right corner if a tour is published or still processing. When published, that tour is completed and ready to be shared.

You will see an arrow in the upper right corner when you open the tour. You can click on that arrow to share the tour. 

You will be given the option to copy the tour link - which will let you paste it into a text or email, or if you want to share that link on social media.




For properties using Entrata, please get in touch with our Client Success team at to set up this integration. Once the integration is complete, you can see your real-time availability on your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour. 

With the Entrata integration, a “Units” icon will be on your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour on the right-hand menu.

TB Go Units on TB Pro tour

Once you click the “Units” icon, a list of all your available units will open. If you shot any of these units with the TourBuilder Go App, a button next to the unit saying “View” will be shown to view that virtual tour. 

TB Go Units list

Sharing Your Unit Virtual Tours

Within TourBuilder Insights, you can find multiple ways to share your virtual tours. Like TourBuilder Pro tours, TourBuilder Go tours have a unique URL, embed code, and QR code for each specific unit. 

Here’s how you can access those:

Find your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour first within TourBuilder Insights. After you open it, click on the “Units” tab on the top menu bar. 

Finding TB Go tours in TB Insights

Once you click on that, a list of all the units your team has captured will appear. Find the specific unit you wish to share with a prospect and click on the link. 

TourBuilder Go units_1

When the unit tour opens in a new window, click on the “Share” tab at the top of the unit virtual tour. 

Share TB Go

This will bring you to all the different sharing options. You can use a direct URL to send to a prospect to view that specific unit tour. You can use the embed code to embed the tours on your website, specifically the floor plans page. Share a QR code with prospects or add it to your marketing collateral. And don’t forget to share the tour or the TourBuilder Clips video of the tour on social media. 

The goal is to leverage the tours as much as possible to get the most visibility and help convert the leads to leases faster.