Why Connect Your TourBuilder Go Tours to Your Property Management System?

Integrating TourBuilder Go with your Property Management System (PMS) offers invaluable benefits for optimizing marketing strategies and enhancing property management efficiency. Here’s why it’s a crucial move:

Access to Comprehensive Data
Connect TourBuilder Go to your PMS for detailed property information within virtual tours. This data, including bedrooms, baths, square footage, and real-time availability, becomes available inside your virtual tours, which is vital for targeted marketing campaigns.

Guaranteed Integration with Marketing Channels
Integrating your PMS with TourBuilder is step one to open the doors for other integrations. Ensure consistency across marketing channels by integrating TourBuilder Go with popular platforms like Apartments.com and Apartment List. This cohesive online presence maximizes property visibility.

Optimized Marketing Strategies
Have a TourBuilder Pro virtual tour? Utilize real-time data from your PMS to customize virtual tours with a “Featured Units” tab. This helps to make your property stand out in a competitive market. Attract prospects whose preferences align with your offerings.

Connecting your TourBuilder Go virtual tours to your PMS is a strategic move with transformative benefits. If you have a TourBuilder Pro or Go virtual tour to set up, please contact our Client Success team at clientcare@lcpmedia.com.