TourBuilder Virtual Tours Accessibility

This article outlines the accessibility features of TourBuilder Pro and TourBuilder Go virtual tours.

TourBuilder Pro and TourBuilder Go virtual tours from LCP Media are accessible for individuals with disabilities and impairments. They consistently receive an accessibility score of 98-100% from Google Lighthouse which is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages and web applications. This tool audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, and more.

The TourBuilder software also meets all of the WCAG guidelines that allow for full accessibility. Each virtual tour is equipped with an accessibility toggle, allowing visitors to tab into the accessibility feature.

The TourBuilder Go accessibility feature:

  • Allows users to tab through buttons and images 
  • Includes screen reading capabilities (user must have an active screen reader) 
  • Provides alt-text for every scene with visual descriptors

TourBuilder is compatible with screen reading tools and keyboard navigation. We recommend ChromeVox for testing out the screen reading functionality.

TB Accessibility

How to activate the Accessibility feature

The feature can be turned on by simply pressing the "tab" button on the keyboard. When accessibility is toggled on, the tool informs the user with a voice that says “Accessibility On.” 

Once accessibility is turned on, the user can navigate the tour using the tab button. If the user has a screen reader on their computer, the TourBuilder virtual tour will read off the descriptions for each scene.