How To Get Service for Your Ricoh Camera

Learn how and who to contact if your Ricoh camera needs service.

Within the first 90 days

If there are defects found in your camera within 90 days of delivery*, please reach out to to let us know about the issues you are seeing. 

Our team will attempt to troubleshoot with you, including contacting our representatives at Ricoh for additional support. 

If troubleshooting is unsuccessful, we will ship out a replacement camera to you with an included return label at no charge to you. The defective camera must be shipped back within 30 days. 

*Damage from accidents or mishandling will be referred to Ricoh for service and is not covered under this policy. 

After the first 90 Days

Your Ricoh Theta Z1 is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty from Ricoh. This warranty is handled entirely by Ricoh and their associates. The full details are available in the Terms and conditions of the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera warranty. These Ricoh terms should be your primary resource for warranty claims. 

You are responsible for registering your Ricoh Theta Z1 camera with the 1-year warranty that is provided with the purchase of the kit. You can use your initial TourBuilder Go invoice as proof of purchase. 

Please feel free to contact our TourBuilder Go Team at for assistance in troubleshooting and helping you connect with Ricoh as needed.