Frequently Asked Questions

This detailed article is going to cover frequently asked questions.


How is TourBuilder different from other virtual tours?

TourBuilder is a completely customizable virtual tour platform that allows prospects to walk your property from anywhere, and view other content such as photography, videos, floor plans, and much more. TourBuilder allows you to consolidate all of your content and digital assets into one platform and offer guided virtual meetings. Add-ons such as floor plans, call-to-action buttons, videos, online applications, PDFs, and much much more can be incorporated into your tour, as well. All TourBuilder Pro packages come with a Google virtual tour and photography included.

How long will it take to create my virtual tour?

On average, it takes about 3-4 weeks to create a TourBuilder Pro virtual tour.

What are the benefits of TourBuilder?

TourBuilder is not only customizable but also a lead-generation tool. TourBuilder is license-free, provides extensive analytics, and is easy to share and integrate.

Is TourBuilder accessible?

Yes, TourBuilder receives between 98% -  100% accessibility rating from Google Lighthouse and is built with accessibility features such as keyboard navigation, alt-text functionality, and screen reading.

Is TourBuilder integrated with any ILS websites?

TourBuilder is integrated with leading listing services including, Zumper, Zillow, Apartment List,,, LoopNet, and many more.


Google Virtual Tours

Are Google virtual tours beneficial to your GMB listing?

Virtual tours are extremely beneficial to have on your business listing. Statistics show that a virtual tour can increase interest, engagement, and visibility and boost your ranking in the local pack.

How do prospects find my Google listing with the tour?

When searching for a local business or property, prospects are more likely to be directed to your business listing if it has a virtual tour. Due to the increased amount of time prospects spend looking through 360 images, Google is more likely to rank your listing higher, therefore increasing visibility.

How is a Google tour different from TourBuilder?

Google tours can live on both your business listing as well as embedded on your website. The main difference is functionality and customization—Google tours work as a discovery tool and put your property on the map, while also boosting SEO. Unlike TourBuilder, Google does not offer advanced or custom features. These tours are simply 360° photos of the interior and exterior of a property.

How do I add my virtual tour to my Google Business Profile?

Once the photos are captured, edited, and stitched together to create panoramic images, our team will publish the completed tour directly to your Google Business Profile! There is no work needed on your end.

How can I remove old content from our Google Business Profile?

The content posted on your Google Business Profile can be taken down by the contributor, or by flagging the image with Google. If LCP Media posted the content for you, you can reach out to us to remove any outdated images or virtual tour content. 

How do I embed a Google tour on my website?

Click here for a step-by-step guide to embedding your Google tour on your website.

Whom can I contact if I'm experiencing issues with my Google tour?

You can always contact LCP Media client support for any issues you are experiencing. However, if the problem is on Google's end, we can only offer suggestions to resolve the issue. We report any ongoing global issues that we detect to Google.



How long will it take to receive my photos?

Photography is delivered within 1-2 weeks after your scheduled photo shoot.

How long does it take a photographer to capture a space?

On average, our photographers can capture 1,500 square feet in approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the size of the shot list, our photographers are on-site for only a couple of hours.

I have properties across the country. Do photographers travel?

We employ a national network of highly trained photographers. No matter where your property is located, we’ll make it happen.

What kind of equipment and cameras do your photographers use?

We require our photographers to shoot with high-grade DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, along with a tripod.

Do I need someone on-site for a walk-through while a photographer is present?

While it helps for an on-site staff member to greet and do a walk-through with a photographer before the photo shoot begins, it is not always required. A detailed shot list helps the photographer know what specific areas to capture when they arrive.

How does LCP Media ensure quality control?

All of our photographers are assessed and trained with the same photography standards. All photos come back to our headquarters for quality checks, editing, and post-production.

Is editing included?

Yes! Basic edits (color correction and lighting) and HDRing are included with every photo package. Premium edits are also available.

Are there licensing fees for LCP Media photography?

No, you own your photos. That means you can use your photos from LCP Media anywhere, license-free. Any digital assets from LCP Media are yours.

How should I prepare for a photoshoot?

We have many tips on making sure you are ready for your photo shoot! Take a look at our photo shoot prep guide.

How do I optimize photography for my Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile photos have specific requirements as far as content and dimensions are concerned. Learn more about Google Business Profile image size requirements.


3D Renderings

What kind of rendering services do you provide?

LCP Media provides 3D services such as still renderings, 360° renderings (3D virtual tours), 3D animation videos, virtual staging, floorplans, and sight plans.

What are the benefits of 3D renderings?

3D renderings bring a photorealistic representation to a property still under construction. They aid in the pre-leasing and pre-marketing stages by allowing prospects to visualize the new space.

What makes LCP Media renderings different from architectural renderings?

We create photorealistic renderings that closely mirror the completed result of a development property or renovation. Our 3D artists take every detail and shadow into consideration to create a truly remarkable piece of content you can use to generate interest. This helps you pre-market your property from the very beginning stages with realistic content, allowing you to successfully pre-lease or sell the space. LCP Media creates a seamless transition from renderings to photography once your building is complete.

How long do renderings take to complete?

Turnaround depends on the number of edits and the time it takes our team to receive feedback. Completion averages 8-10 weeks. The first draft will typically take 4-5 weeks and all subsequent drafts 1-2 weeks after all comments are in. Delays in feedback or additional edits affect the timeline.


Virtual Staging

What are the benefits of virtual staging compared to traditional staging?

Virtual staging is a budget-friendly alternative to real staging, is easier to execute, offers more customization, and has a higher return on investment.

What's the turnaround time for virtual staging?

On average, the turnaround time for virtual staging is typically 3-5 days for first drafts.

How many rounds of edits will I receive?

We offer two rounds of edits with virtual staging—any additional edits will require a small fee.

Can I update or edit my virtual staging?

Yes. For a small fee, you can make updates to your virtual staging content after the initial project is commissioned to make small tweaks or entirely change a specific feature.


TourBuilder Insights Support

How do I get a login for TourBuilder Insights?

Your login will be included with your TourBuilder delivery email. If you do not receive your login, you can contact your client support specialists at

Where do I find my embed code for TourBuilder?

A TourBuilder embed code can be found in your TourBuilder Insights dashboard. Once you log in, go to My Tours, click on the tour your want to embed, and then click Share to access the embed code.

How do I find my TourBuilder tour ID?

Log in at and click on the My Tours tab. Your Tour ID will be listed under the column "Tour ID".

Where can I find my TourBuilder tour QR code?

To access your QR code:

  1. Go to your TourBuilder Insights dashboard
  2. Select My Tours and click on the community name
  3. Click on the Share tab
  4. Click on the QR Code, then Save to Downloads

Can I embed TourBuilder on Facebook or Instagram?

With your personalized embed code, you can embed your TourBuilder tour onto Facebook, but not Instagram. Facebook requires 2,000 likes to create a custom virtual tour tab. To embed your TourBuilder on Facebook, follow these steps

Can I get separate links to different areas of my TourBuilder tour?

Yes, TourBuilder can generate separate links that start the tour at the designated area. Please feel free to ask your client support specialist for those links.

How do I conduct a guided virtual tour using TourBuilder?

To give a guided tour through TourBuilder, first, you’ll need to login to your dashboard, and then,

  1. Select My Tours, and pick the property for the guided tour
  2. Click on Meeting
  3. Click "Start Meeting"
  4. Add attendee via SMS, email, or URL
  5. Send invitations
  6. Wait for your attendees to join

Can everyone on my team have a login for TourBuilder?

Yes, everyone can have a login. Access permissions are also available. The benefit of each person having their login is that you can track who from your team is conducting guided virtual meetings.
Can I use an iframe tag to embed TourBuilder?
Yes, if your website does not allow for the embed code, you can use an iframe tag.

My TourBuilder tour is showing 1-inch in height, how do I fix that?

If your tour is showing up with a 1-inch height, then replace min-height for height. If you are experiencing any other embedding issues, reach out to our client care team so we can make sure your tour looks great on your website!

What is a 401 error on TourBuilder?

If your tour is getting a 401 error, the website you are embedding the tour on needs to be whitelisted within TourBuilder Insights. If you have admin access, you can do this in the Themes section of your dashboard. Otherwise, we can whitelist for you as well. 

What is a 403 error on TourBuilder?

A 403 error means your tour has been suspended, please contact client support to learn more.

Can I add my TourBuilder tour to a chatbot?

Yes, TourBuilder is compatible with Chatbots such as BetterBot. Talk with your sales representative or our support team to learn more.

Can I remove the bottom carousel of thumbnails?

Yes, our client care team can customize the tour to remove the carousel on the bottom.

Can I change the right-side menu to match my website information?

Yes, we can update the text in the info button, change the CTA button to match your industry, and update contact info such as your phone number, address, and email.

Why is my TourBuilder not showing up on Internet Explorer?

IE11 is at the end of its life and is no longer supported by TourBuilder. We recommend updating to Chrome or Microsoft Edge as Microsoft will soon stop supporting updates on IE11 as well.

Can I make changes to my TourBuilder tour?

Yes, you can always reach out to our client success team to make any changes for you.