Do I Need Internet When Using the TourBuilder Go App?

The article stresses mobile internet's vital role: needed to select a property unit (retrieve lists) and publish tours (file processing); drafts can be saved for later publishing in an internet-connected location.

When capturing TourBuilder Go unit-level tours, the TourBuilder mobile app requires mobile internet at two different times. 

When You Select Your Unit Within the Property to Capture

  • Mobile internet is required at this stage because it needs to connect the tour to our servers to pull a list of available properties for the user to capture. 
  • If the user starts the mobile app in an internet location and clicks “Create a 360 Tour,” the list of properties and units will be cached as long as the app is not closed. 
  • If they move to an area without internet, they can still capture tours if they don’t close out of the app. 
  • Remember that a list of units will only show if you have integrated your PMS. If you haven't, contact us, and we can help with that integration. 

IMG_0260.             IMG_0263                 IMG_0264

You see this on your screen when you select the property, then your unit. Once selected, you will connect your phone to the Ricoh camera and can move on to capturing the units.

When Publishing Tours

  • Mobile internet is needed during this stage to send all the files to our servers for processing. 
  • You do not need to publish tours right after they have been captured. Instead, save the tours as drafts. Once you capture all the units, you can return to an area with internet, like your leasing office, connect to the internet, and publish all your drafts tours.