Customizing Virtual Experiences: Maximize Hotspots and Labels for TourBuilder Virtual Tours

TourBuilder virtual tours allow you to effortlessly show off all your community’s unique features and amenities.

Older legacy tours, still using Google’s platform, may be unable to use this feature. 

TourBuilder enables you to enhance virtual tours by providing additional context and valuable information to prospective tenants. You can highlight notable areas and unique features that make your community stand out, such as stylish stainless steel appliances, luxurious countertops, and convenient laundry facilities. 

Our team can add labels and hotspots to any panorama on your tour. Contact your project manager or client success specialist with the information you want to feature and where you would like the icon placed. 

What are the options?

Labels appear as little icons on the tour marking individual points of interest. This label can display a couple of words allowing you to call out interesting features and selling points. You can add as many labels to the tour as you like. We recommend labeling features that don’t need more explanation, like appliance brands or unphotographed closets. 

Hotspots & labels

HotSpots are more robust than labels, allowing you to add paragraphs of text, external links, embedded images, and video*. Hotspots are ideal for embedding more complex features like a video introducing your leasing team, the hours and menu of your coffee bar, or the class offerings for your gym.

*If you want to add a video to the hotspot, it must be loaded to YouTube to create an embed link we can include in the hotspot. 


Special Options

The Elevator is a hotspot that can take your prospects quickly from one area of the tour to another. Usually, this hotspot is placed on an elevator or staircase to take renters to the rooftop deck or the model units, but you can place them on any directional sign to move views quickly from one side of the building to the other.   
Custom hotspots

Unique Icons are available to make your hotspots stand out. We have an extensive bank of available icons for the hotspot marker. We can also match your website colors so the virtual tour is consistent with your brand. Let your client success specialist or project manager know what you’re looking for, and we’ll search the library for options. 
Custom hotspots_1


Five free hotspots and unlimited labels come included with each TourBuilder Virtual Tour subscription! Add five more hotspots for a one-time fee of $50.