Aligning Your Smartphone and Ricoh Theta Camera On the Tripod

This article goes over the importance of aligning your phone and Ricoh camera when capturing a virtual tour with TourBuilder Go, as well as how to do it.

When capturing tours with TourBuilder Go, make sure that your Ricoh Theta camera screen is aligned with your smartphone screen when placed on the phone mount. 

The camera and phone screen alignment is important to ensure that the tours are processed correctly by the app auto-builder.

ricoh theta camera 2

Both devices collect compass (IMU) data, so when the screens are not aligned, the data provided by the phone and Ricoh camera differ. Aligning the screens will tell the app where north is on each image which increases the accuracy with which the tours are built. 

We recommend attaching the Ricoh Theta camera first and then aligning the phone mount on the tripod for an easier process. 

Remember to check the alignment while capturing the tour so that the camera screen and your phone screen are in line during the whole shoot.